Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kick My Travel Bucket - Introduction

Creating those truly unforgettable and life changing experiences - that's what I love about being a Travel Agent!

Short Vegas jaunts, domestic flights, and all-inclusive sun vacations are the bread and butter of every travel agency, but it's planning those unique and off-the-beaten path adventures that I am really passionate about.

I have designed this blog to highlight some of those adventures, and give you an idea about what type of travel products are offered, and their approximate cost. I hope this blog will inspire you and awaken the travel bug within!

If you like one of the trips that you read about on my blog and would like some more information please contact me at Or if you would like some help organizing a different trip, I would be happy to help with that as well!

If you are one of those Internet savvy people who would rather plan their own trip, I also have a website that offers cheap hotel, flight, cruises, and more;
And I also post different travel specials every day on my Facebook page; Lisa's Travel Page with Expedia Cruiseshipcenters.
Of course if you enjoy my blog please feel free to share it with a friend!

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